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June 17, 2011

Wetumpka Herald
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Editor’s Note: Here is a letter Judge Glenn Goggans, chairman of the Elmore County Relief Fund wrote to Lee Greer, chairman of the Elmore County Economic Development Authority.

Dear Mr. Greer:

As you can imagine, our committee serving the Elmore County Disaster Relief Fund has been very busy since the inception of this fund helping Elmore County families in dire need since this disaster occurred.

However, the committee and I want to take the proper time to thank you, the staff of ECEDA and the board of ECEDA for making this happen. There is no doubt that this fund, this effort, and this success we have experienced would not have occurred if not for ECEDA.

It is particularly impressive that your board was able to authorize assistance with this effort so quickly, enabling the staff to:

• Set up the fund at eleven banks

• Set up a Facebook site for information

• Design a logo for the effort

• Establish a relief committee and procedures

• Draft an application for assistance “form”

• Organize several fundraisers including restaurant benefit dinners, a golf tournament, parking lot fundraisers, and other future events to benefit the fund

• Issue press releases and communicate with media and EMA personnel

• All within 48 hours of the tornado

I am sure there are many other details I have left out, but it is truly remarkable. I believe it speaks volumes about your board's heart and your staff’s competency in acting so quickly.

We realize that “disaster relief” may not be the core mission of ECEDA, yet your organization has the trust and organization that the citizens of Elmore County believe in. And the fact you were willing to share the professional assets of ECEDA with our citizens in this time of dire need says it all.

Judge Glenn Goggans